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Ivo Pecov - philosophy, vibrations and rhythmics. Interview for Art Alarm and Silvia Pavlova

You can learn more about the philosophy and creative pursuits of Ivo Pecov in the new interview that the author gave for Art Alarm:

Tell us a little about your style, do you send messages through your art or do you share your imagination with the audience?

Style is a consequence of life, and visual art shows exactly these traces of the vibrations and rhythms of one's life. The style embodies the whole personality of the one who created it, his whole life until the moment of creation through the different tones, lines, color solutions, etc. This wholeness speaks with mystery, with tools that go beyond the possibility of a complete rational, logical interpretation of the work of art. This mystery is "poured in" by the very mystery of life. Just as we cannot fully logically explain the event "life", so we cannot fully decipher the style codes of a particular work of art. However, the style speaks both in explanatory and inexplicable ways, embodied in the codes of the composition. Life cannot be seen through our bodily senses, only the traces we call art are visible.

Drawing and creating my works of art, especially lately, I take responsibility for my influence on the viewers, because I strive to convey my understanding of reality. However, my view is that reality is much more abstract and on many more levels than we want it to be, in order to be easily understandable. My style is based on my personal search of reality, and over time I have tried, to the best of my ability, to refine it and distinguish it from the commercial and the goods for sale. Like many other balkan painters, I work elsewhere for my material existence and thus provide an opportunity in my art to be completely honest.

In the exhibition, placed in the gallery space of „Coshare HIVE“ (which lasts until the end of July 2017), I arranged selected works created in the period 2011 - 2016.

I tried to show how they differ. Unlike many other authors who deliberately avoid the personal aspect in their work - at the expense of a form of objectivity and I would say sciencesness, I am not afraid to create on the part of my personal aspect. At this exhibition it can be seen my different inspirations over time and a change in style that meets the respective demand. Depending on whether I have interpreted a socio-social problem ("The Absence of the Heroes" or "Relationships") or created works dealing with the issues of existence or non-existence ("Non-durable"), I have used different techniques, for in my opinion, to adequately correspond to the expression of my inner feeling through the picture. Those of my works in which I sought only the transmission of mood are my most abstract works. Most often they resemble natural shapes or spaces. My paintings are a product of my momentary inspirations and through them I send messages or open questions or moods, through which I invite the viewers to immerse themselves. I share my imagination and the influence that it brings has ability to change.

Do you believe that paintings have energy that affects the subconscious level of the viewers and the space in which they are located?

Of course, art influences and make changes. Just as a certain book can affect us and change our way of thinking, so a certain work of visual art can change or affect us with a particularly strong intensity if it is in a space that we often visit or spend a long time. Art objects have a particularly strong energy charge, so it is no coincidence that in ancient times they were taken as a serious content of everyday life, which can change destinies or affect the course of events. The power and truth about the influence of works of art is still real today, but our attitude towards the search for the reality has changed. In the age of technological progress, we are used to being consumers, not seekers of in-depth knowledge. We imagine that life is obligated to bring us only conveniences, and we are the ones who constantly have the right to criticize.

Art is always such as what life is. If our life is unhappy, so our art will be unhappy. It is not easy for the observant mind of an artist to have a positive influence on an unhappy society, but not exclusively, and I believe it is possible.

You work in different techniques and definitely working with each of them has a different sound. What do they give you and with which of them do you yourself feel most comfortable to reveal the maximum of your idea?

I never wanted to define myself and mindfully limit myself that I have to work with one technique or another to achieve my maximum. The choice of technique and topic to work on always come naturally. The decisions come from the readiness with which I want to reveal the inner impulses. There are some moments in which I have surprised myself when at times, contrary to my inert desire for consistency, there was a need to change the technique and style. Then I understand that art is something much deeper and unpredictable and it just comes.

What saves you as an artist in today's reality?

Being an artist has always been difficult. I don't think a certain time is better than another. The choice is always that our time is the best… otherwise we would not exist now. Of course, the social reality of today is quite harsh. This is due to our general re-education, through the mass media and the transformation of individuals into consumers. Consumer reality has completely flooded us, and our brains are constantly under attack to see nothing but the need to play the role of consumers. The matrix of illusion has never been stronger.

Creators, as always, are obliged to witness the truth. Courageously and boldly to express their positions and make a change through their creativity. This is the role of the artist - to give, not to expect gifts. That is why artists are aristocrats of the spirit and that is why more attention should be paid to them. A society that oppresses or destroys artists and creative personalities is doomed not only to failure but also to extinction.

In today's reality, I am led by the thought that I have a role in life and that I have to play it in the best possible way.

Do you think that fine art is elitist or is it intended for the masses?

True art has never been for the masses - this way it has been and this way it will be. I call true art that one which brings change and raises man to a more conscious level of existence. The masses are not looking for change or lessons, they are looking for comfort and support to the illusion in which they live. But it is not elitist either, if given that the elite is made up of rich and influential people. Art is for everyone, but there are less people who are receptive to the nuances of real existence. So, I would say that art is for those who have eyes, ears and big hearts. Art is for those who are pure, who love to learn new things and are filled with love for life.

In your opinion, what qualities and skills does an artist need to have in order to be successful?

I am one of those people who constantly and internally look for a reason to call themselves artists. I have met such and I am one of them. "Artist" is not a title and it is not forever, but a state that requires perseverance and devotion with love to creation. A man who creates and composes with love. For the pleasure of the creative act, this person is ready for anything and is called an artist. The artist is irrational and a little crazy, and at times he seems stupid because he goes beyond the generally accepted framework of behavior and way of thinking. For an artist to be successful needs to be ready for anything to protect his love. What does it really mean for an artist to be successful? Is it to be financially secure and loved by the media? Didn't Van Gogh was successful artist himself or when exactly did he make his success - during his life or after his death? In my opinion, the most important qualities that an artist must possess are his courage, craziness and love!

Recently there was your exhibition in the Republic of Macedonia, tell us a little about what is forthcomin?

During the past period I opened a second exhibition in Gevgelija, Republic of Macedonia, where I showed works from my latest creative cycle. In the near future I hope to realize an exhibition in Bucharest, where I will meet for the first time with a Romanian audience. The most important thing ahead to come are a lot of efforts and I hope satisfactory results on a creative level.

Sofia, July 13th, 2017