“Living organism” at Gallery Pentimento, Sofia / 2017 November 8th - November 21st

"Living organism" is the work of art, loaded with its individual artistic aura, and the this vital presence is what the author aims to present. The working title of the cycle of works in early 2016 was "After the traces of the Creator" and these traces the artist continued to reveal and depict in order to collect them in the form of this exhibition.

The content of the works accentuates on unearthly spaces, filled with forms of creatures that exist in their separate realities. The scenes from those worlds, in which uncharacteristic forms of life appear, have the goal of bringing us into the different dimension of existence, different from ours. Through these artworks the author emphasizes the possible diversity of reality and points to the mystery and indefinitely of the boundaries of life. As the nature or the higher intellect of existence creates the visible world, so does the artist "dream" through his visual language and enjoys the infinity of the imagination and art.

Existence is aimless and that is where the pleasure of life hides