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Ivo Pecov with participation in the XXII International Biennale of Graphics in Varna

The largest graphic biennale in the Balkans, which took place in the halls of the City Art Gallery "Boris Georgiev", was opened on August 11, 2023, and the exhibition lasted until September 30, 2023. The organizers of the Biennale were the Graphic Art Gallery - Varna, in partnership with the Municipality of Varna, the Ministry of Culture and the Union of Bulgarian Artists (SBH).

Artists from 53 countries were represented, with a very strong participation of artists from Mexico, Thailand, Japan, there were artists of countries such as South Africa, Bangladesh, Chile, Puerto Rico, Poland, Canada, the Dominican Republic and many others.

From nearly 600 foreign graphics by 390 authors, 376 works by 210 authors were selected, and the Bulgarian presentation includes 114 authors with 158 graphics.

The international jury was consisted of: chairman – Bulgarian graphic artist Prof. Stoimen Stoilov, and members Vlado Gjoreski (North Macedonia) – director of the International Triennial of Graphics – Bitola, Lili Boshevska – Director of the Cultural and Information Center - Bitola, Assoc. Dr. Denitsa Yaneva, teacher at VTU "St. St. Cyril and Methodius", and Venceslav Antonov, director of the International Biennale of Graphics – Varna.

Ivo Pecov took part in the International Biennale exhibition with a graphic work - "Games do change, try to fly".