Exhibition "Basement" in ART 36 Gallery at 40 Slavyanska Street in Sofia / 2018 May 16th – May 30th 

The exhibition "Basement" is a series of paintings produced with oil on canvas technique, created for the space of ART 36 in 2018. In it, the author tries to visualize the accumulation and storage of desires, dreams in the human inner - mental space, like a basement. There are old dusty ideas and understandings that are waiting for their turn and moment in which to be manifested. There, in countless jars, accumulate the contents of the unexperienced and desired, which over time increasingly weighs and overfills the space. Various harvests and tastes of the ego, so human and absurd ... They all stand there preserved for some hinted future, while before them the shadows of the days that never fall on their backs pass. From all this grayness of the limitations and illusions of basement of modern man, only the red color of the blood stands out, as a reminder of the true reality. Slogans and clichés alternate as advertisements, through which the mass media have re-educated us and shown us the directions of thought, they are written in English, which is already used in the Balkans. The accumulation of jars continues as the days flutter in the wind ... and all this happens in the ambience of "ART 36", in the presence of cats that move freely around the gallery.